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Part 1: Building the High Poly Wheel

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This is the first section of a two part tutorial series covering the entire process for creating the textured low poly wheel above.  The project is presented in real time, and narrated throughout.

It covers building base meshes in 3DS Max and combining them using various modeling techniques in Zbrush.  This section of the series covers constructing the high poly model.  

This series assumes a basic familiarity of both 3DS Max and Zbrush.   Procedures and tools used throughout the tutorial are explained and demonstrated in detail. These include working with smoothing groups and the Turbosmooth Modifier in 3DS Max, and Dynamesh, Insert Mesh, and Curve Functions in Zbrush.  

In case you'd like to run through the texturing pipeline, covered in Part 2, without building the asset first, the high poly .ZTL, low poly .OBJ, and texture bakes are available for purchase separately.  

In addition to 10 videos, this product includes my custom Zbrush User Interface, wheel bolt brush, and the reference images.

If you'd like to see more, check out this time lapse of the whole series:


01 - Building the Rim Interior in 3DS Max

02 - Building the Rim Exterior in 3DS Max

03 - Adding Rim Detail with 3DS Max and Zbrush Part 1

04 - Adding Rim Detail with 3DS Max and Zbrush part 2

05 - Creating the Bolts with 3DS Max

06 - Adding the Bolts with Zbrush

07 - Building the Tire and Tread Base Meshes with Zbrush

08 - Detailing the Treads with Zbrush Part 1

09 - Detailing the Treads with Zbrush Part 2

10 - Finishing the Treads and Detailing the Tire wall with Zbrush

Duration: 5 hours

Preview available here:

Part 2 available here:

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Part 1: Building the High Poly Wheel

3 ratings
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